A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Developed for Ludum Dare 32 with the theme "An Unconventional Weapon". This game uses Python 2.7 and Pygame.

Also feel free to check out the git repo on Bitbucket:



The people of the universe cried out in anguish. Their universe was dying, the cold god Oblivion had taken hold. As the last suns were dying out, and all heat was slowly being devoured, the people prayed for a WEAPON to fight back. They prayed to the one god they needed most, The eldest god, who they had almost forgotten.

When the sun rose the next day, it was with purpose. The sun god, incarnated is his most pure form, came to beat back Oblivion.

Install instructions


  1. Download the Windows zip file
  2. Run 'game.exe'

From source:

  1. Install Python 2.7 from here:
  2. Install PyGame 1.9.2. If you are on Windows, you can find a recent-ish build here:
  3. Double-click 'game.py'


(Windows) ld32_weapon_against_oblivion.zip 7 MB
(source code) ld32_weapon_against_oblivion_src.zip 2 MB